Recent Activity

Eastlake Audio activity

Recent projects undertaken:

Improvements to TV Dubbing Facilities for UNCLE London W12
Consultancy and improvements to Viewing Theatresfor DTS (Digital Theater Systems) Twyford, Berkshire
Design of Recording Facilities for Perry Vale Studios London SE23
Design and Consultancy on recording facilities forNew YST Conservatory of Music at National UniversityOf Singapore Singapore
Design of fully professional Cinema Facility within Historic residential building – Dublin Bay, Republic of Ireland Dublin
Consultancy for UK Central Office of Information London
Design of improvements to Studio Facilities at Sout al Jazeera, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Jeddah
Design of Recording Facilities in Benghazi, Libya for Libyan Broadcasting Benghazi
Design of new Recording Facilities for Stentor Studios, Athens, Greece Athens


SINGAPORE: YST Conservatory of Music Studios

LONDON, UK: Abbey Road Studios

Workshop Studio for PWL

PERTH, SCOTLAND, UK: Perth College

ATHENS: Sofita Studios

CAIRO, EGYPT: Music Studio for High Quality

MADRID, SPAIN: Dolby Film Mix Theatre for Cinearte


HAVANA, CUBA: Music Recording Studio for Egrem

SINGAPORE: YST Conservatory of Music StudiosThe recording facilities attached to the Concert Hall at pre-eminent Asian music conservatory, National University of Singapore’s YST Conservatory

yst main floor
yst midi room
yst control room a
yst control room d

LONDON, UK: Mastering Rooms for Abbey Road StudiosIn North West London two Mastering / Re-Mastering facilities at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios have recently been re-constructed by Eastlake to provide improved levels of isolation performance and appropriate monitoring conditions for 5.1 mix monitoring.Preliminary studies for subsequent upgrading by Eastlake Audio of several suites at London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios. See below.

abbey road studios

LONDON, UK: Music Studios for PWLIn South London, two completely new Control Rooms and Studios have been constructed for the phenomenally successful PWL production company who to this moment account for over five hundred million (yes, 500,000,000!) record sales world-wide. Extensive use was made before construction started of Computer Aided Visualisations of Control Room equipment layouts to maximise space usage.Study
for integration of custom furniture within Eastlake Audio designed and constructed ‘workshop’ studio for multi-million unit selling, PWL. See below.

workshop pwl

workshop pwl

SCOTLAND, UK: Music Recording Studios for Perth CollegeThree studios have been designed by Eastlake for the Music & Media Department of Perth College in Perth, Scotland. These new facilities will be housed in a new building extension currently being constructed on the College’s Goodlyburn Campus.
The extension will also house a Theatre. Fit-out by Eastlake of the studios commenced in July for conclusion in October.Exploded view of facilities designed for Perth College, Scotland’s School of Music Teaching and Quasi-Commercial Recordings. See below.

perth college

perth college

perth college

ATHENS, GREECE: Sofita StudiosSofita Studios moved a highly succesful, SSL equiped music and audio-post recording operation from within a residential Athens villa to an Eastlake-designed facility within a purpose-converted building at Glyfada on the perimeter of the original Athens International Airport following the opening of the new airport facility.

perth college

CAIRO, EGYPT: Music Studio for High QualityConstruction under Eastlake expatriate supervision of a particularly elegant recording facility for High Quality Studios is now concluded in Ghiza, central Cairo. Elsewhere in
Ghiza, design work is currently underway on new Dolby 5.1 Mixing Theatre and Dubbing Theatre facilities for rapidly expanding local post-production company, Elixir.

MADRID, SPAIN: Dolby Film Mix Theatre for CinearteSpanish long-time Cinema and TV recording / mixing facility Cinearte now have a new film mixing facility within their historic central Madrid location in the Plaza de Conde de Barajas. The new facility (equipped with a fully-digital SSL Avant mixing console)
is a Mixing Theatre for Dolby 5.1 Surround work, occupies a 500M3.+ cubic volume and has an 8M. wide screen. Extensive isolation systems were designed by Eastlake to provide the isolation values required for the new facility. The construction was undertaken by local contractors supervised by experienced expatriate Eastlake personnel. See below.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Private CinemaA further high-specification Mini Cinema has been completed in the Emirates for use by the Client and his family members. The construction features fully isolated techniques and full-range surround format.

HAVANA, CUBA: Music Recording Studio for EgremA project first planned almost ten years ago and which suffered several delays (one due to the originally offered building being withdrawn by the Cuban Government to a Bio Technology factory!) finally became fully operational and is attracting international clients. The Egrem facility is located in Havana’s seaside resort suburb of Miramar and is well-placed for international-standard hotels and restaurants that overseas clients require whilst Cuba’s extremely professional and enthusiastic musicians are bound to draw productions which require the finest ‘Salsa’ rythms.